Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions relating to your Ultrasound scans

What if I have symptoms of Covid-19?

If you or a close family member are displaying Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has these symptoms, we would ask that you do not attend the clinic until you are given the all-clear by the appropriate Health Authority. Please read our Precautions Guide – click here

Is ultrasound scanning safe?

Provided the ultrasound service on offer is being operated to the required guidelines, there are no contraindications for first line ultrasound scans. Since ultrasound is not an ionising radiation such as x-ray, there are also no known hazardous effects associated with multiple first line scans, again provided the service is operated to recommended guidelines. The safety of  ultrasound continues to be researched and monitored by the relevant professional bodies.

What should I expect when I arrive for an appointment?

It is important that you arrive at the clinic a few minutes before your scheduled appointment and wait outside until a member of staff waves you in.

This is to give our staff time to thoroughly clean all areas following an appointment to prepare the patient areas for the next patient.

Please go to our clinic receptionist on arrival who will then ask you to read through our consent form and discuss any aspect of your scan before your appointment. You will not need to change into a gown, but please read any pre scan preparations found in the scan descriptions and your booking confirmation. Payments and balances are taken once you have signed the consent form and before the scan.

Why should I buy a private ultrasound scan?

Popular reasons for booking a private ultrasound directly are: to avoid a long wait for an appointment: having a wider choice of appointment times to choose from. and, in some cases, when your particular scan is not available via the NHS locally. We also more time to each appointment than the typical hospital equivalent and the results from the vast majority of our scans are given to you on the day.


Can I self refer for a private ultrasound scan?

You certainly can. Just ensure that the service provider has a recognised clinical framework  for providing clinical services directly to the public. Before We Meet has the appropriate processes in place. All of our ultrasound services comply with guideline recommendations and are maintained to the required standard.

Who will perform my scan?

Our scans are carried out by qualified Sonographers. Sonographers usually train first as a Radiographer, then undertake an approved course. These courses are offered by higher education and, as a minimum require one additional academic year that prepares them both clinically and academically for this specific area of practice. All practicing Radiographers are regulated by the Healthcare Professions Council. Other types of health care professionals who may provide our scans are either suitably experienced Doctors or Sonographer Midwives specifically for pregnancy scans.

How many people can I bring with me?

It is important to note that we can only allow one additional person to accompany the person being scanned. This is a safety issue and is a government recommendation

Do I need a full bladder?

For all scans performed before 20 weeks, you ideally should drink a pint of clear fluid 45 minutes before your appointment.

What if I can’t find a suitable date or time for my appointment?

Please ring or email as we often open specifically for families and we will find a suitable time for you.

Why Before we Meet and not another scanning clinic?

We only scan pregnant women, as it is our area of expertise. The clinic is operated by midwives who are experienced in scanning within the NHS. In addition, we are all mothers who understand first-hand how emotional pregnancy can be. Our aim is to support you throughout your journey and help make it as stress-free as possible. We will provide a relaxed atmosphere and will help in any way possible to make your experience wonderful. Before We Meet is privately owned by a midwife sonographer and is not a franchise, so you will receive a highly personalised service.

Why Before we Meet and not just the NHS?

There are strict time schedules in NHS clinics, and they often have other women booked in continuously to meet budgetary and time targets. This means that NHS facilities are sometimes pushed for time and although NHS staff are all professional, spending time chatting and  discussing any issues can be short. When scanning in the NHS, There are no guarantees within the NHS, due to time constraints that your baby’s gender will be revealed, although the staff will try their best to do so at all times.

At Before We Meet there is ample free parking and the convenient out-of-town location means that getting to the clinic and finding a convenient parking place is a really stress-free event – your scan needs to be a relaxing and rewarding experience.  The Before We Meet Clinic is modern and the scan machine is of very high specifications; and because we deal only with baby scans, the experience is great for mums-to-be. With an NHS scan, the date and time of any appointments are determined by the NHS schedules, but with Before you Meet you choose the date and time of your scan.

I don’t want to know the gender can I still have a scan?

Absolutely. We are experts in disguising a baby’s gender and wouldn’t dream of spoiling your surprise if that is your wish.

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Age restrictions for Ultrasound. Please note the age restriction  for ultrasound scans is 18+.

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